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    HOW TO ACCESS MEETINGS due to COVID-19 cancellations.

    Below is the updated MWI virtual meeting list. If you have any questions, changes or need to get the MWI Zoom account for your meeting, please contact MWI at

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    Your MetroWest Intergroup

    Newcomers Zoom Meeting
    Sunday 5:15pm EST
    mtg ID: 534-749-392
    OR call in 646-558-8656 mtg ID: 534-749-392

    Newcomers Zoom Meeting
    Sunday 7:00 EST
    MWI Zoom:
    mtg ID: 705-658-2426 OR call in (929) 205-6099

    12 Steps to a Positive Body Image

    “Life changing” was the dominant feedback the last time this workshop was given.

    Members of Nassau OA in New York recently presented a writing workshop to almost a hundred OAers, consisting of questions that pertain to each of the 12 Steps. Some commented that they found the work life-changing.

    To participate, you’ll need only paper and your favorite writing implement, and if you use an electronic device, maybe you don’t even need those!

    Readings will come from the OA 12 &12, 2nd edition; the AA Big Book; the AA 12 & 12; For Today; and Voices of Recovery.

    The workshop — which is co-sponsored by Metrowest Intergroup, Nassau County Intergroup, and Suffolk County Intergroup — will be presented on Zoom from 9 a.m. to noon on Sunday, July 26.
    Zoom meeting ID: 234 613 884
    Pass code: 535356

    Photo by Shaojie on Unsplash

    Lend a Hand - Give a gift to others that pays off for you as well

    You’ve probably heard that “service is slimming,” and that people whom you meet while doing service can be great influences in your recovery. That’s why you’ll want to jump at this chance: MWI is seeking a coordinator for its highly successful workshop series.

    The position requires:

    • Conceiving topics for the hour-ish workshops.
    • Finding one or more hosts for each event.
    • Ensuring it will be publicized in our outreach channels.

    If that sounds like a lot of work, here’s what you’ll get tangible, substantial help with:

    • Conceiving topics for the hour-ish workshops.
    • Finding one or more hosts for the event.
    • Ensuring it will be publicized in our outreach channels.

    You should do this!

    Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

    contact us for more info

    People of Color Focused OA Meeting

    Every Tuesday, starting on *23rd June* 2020.

    11:30 – 12:30 PT (Pacific Time)
    14:30 – 15:30 ET (Eastern Time)
    19:30 – 20:30 BST (British Summer Time)
    For anyone who identifies as a Person of Color.
    Meeting ID: 294 207 2024
    Password: 115324

    OAsis in the Desert Convention

    The Fall 2020 Region 3 Convention & Assembly “OAsis in the Desert” scheduled for August 7-9, 2020 is now OAsis at Home. Members of Overeaters Anonymous can participate virtually in a weekend of Assembly, Workshops, Marathon Meetings and Panels available via Zoom. Zoom training provided prior to the start of the event!

    Registration is $25 and now open at
    A schedule of events will be posted soon. Join us in an OAsis of recovery!

    If you have questions please contact

    2nd Sunday of the month | 3:00 - 4:30 EST

    OA Virtual Region presents:

    7/12 ACCEPTANCE is the answer to all my problems today

    8/9 New Sponsor Workshop
    Sponsorship Workshop-6-7-2020

    9/13 19 Symptoms to Relapse

    10/11 Demystifying the OA Service Structure; What is the Inverted Pyramid?

    11/8 Abstinence and Keeping it & “the difference between abstinence and a plan of eating”

    12/13 Young persons in OA

    OA Virtual Region Workshops 2020 pdf

    Important 7th tradition announcement

    COVID-19 has led to changes in the way we attend meetings. With virtual meetings becoming the norm, we urge you to make the 7th Tradition electronically through the MWI paypal account.

    The work of MWI still goes on. We continue to provide scholarships, maintain the website and spread the message of recovery. MWI donates 10% of your contribution to R6 and 30% to WSO.

    Make a direct online contribution with the PayPal link below.

    Looking for speakers for your meeting?

    Contact the new MWI Speaker Bank! Email Jen B. at with your name, phone number, email, and meeting and we will connect you with someone who would be interested in speaking at a meeting.

    Atheist / Agnostic Meeting Format

    Looking for an format for your Atheist / Agnostic meeting? Look no further. Download this PDF as a guide.

    Atheist / Agnostic format

    Young Persons Phone Meeting

    Meeting #55573 Foothill Intergroup #09003

    Go to

    Dial in number: (605)313-5111

    Access Code: 713988

    Onkine Meeting ID: ypoafoothill

    Are your thoughts and actions around food and eating something that makeyou think you are different from other people?








    Young People Phone Meeting_FLYER

    2020 World Service Convention

    The 2020 World Service Convention has been cancelled.

    Due to ongoing public health and economic changes, the 2020 World Service Convention, scheduled for August 20-22 in Orlando, Florida USA, has been canceled.

    Refunds of registration and banquet fees will be processed over the next few weeks and will be issued in the same manner in which payment was made. Please allow the WSO staff one month to complete the refund process. For those who have made hotel reservations, the hotel will cancel your reservation and send you a cancellation confirmation.

    World Service Convention will be rebooked for August 2021 and will take place at the same hotel in Orlando. The tentative new dates are August 26-28, 2021.

    Please check for updates and join the Convention email list at In your email, include your full name, email address, state/province/territory, and country. Your information will be kept confidential to the World Service Office.

    OA World Service Meeting Transition Guidelines

    With the majority of the Fellowship transitioning to virtual meetings, including many who have limited experience with virtual meetings, we would like to offer suggestions and resources for groups to manage these transitions.


    Seventh Tradition Update: $5 Suggested Meeting Contribution

    In March 2019, the Board of Trustees voted to increase the suggested meeting contribution to US $5. This decision was made to account for inflation and OA’s increased reliance on, social media tools, and other information technology to carry worldwide our message of recovery through OA’s Twelve Steps. Today, the Seventh Tradition of OA pamphlet has been updated to include the US $5 suggested contribution.

    Replace your current stock of pamphlets with the new version. Download a PDF from the “Group Treasurer Materials” section of the Documents page at or contact the World Service Office for assistance in updating your translated version.

    Mass Bay Intergroup Meetings

    Sunday Newtonville OA
    5-6:00 pm
    (605) 313-5140, 173475*

    (phone only meeting for now)

    Saturday, Medford 9am
    Sunday, Stoneham 8:30am
    425-436-6310, code 853478#

    Saturday, Spaulding HOW mtg
    ZOOM mtg 9:30am
    Email for invitation

    Monday, Stoneham 6:30pm
    Big Book Step Study
    425-436-6359, code 892485#

    Tuesday, 9:30am
    Big Book Step Study
    605-475-4700, code 888559#

    Wednesday Waltham OA, 7-8pm
    Zoom Meeting ID: 221 108 387
    Password: 476789

    Sunday 5-6pm, OA BBSS, (Andover)
    605-313-5556. PIN: 839941#

    Saturday 9-10am, 90 day (Medford)
    425-436-6310, PIN: 853478 #

    Saturday, March 14th, 8-9am (North Andover) 425-436-6356. PIN: 713066#

    Saturday April 4, 10:30am-Noon, Mass Bay Intergroup monthly meeting, all are welcome. 605-475-2875. PIN: 4134252


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