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Welcome Young People in OA

YP in OA is defined as ages 18-30 and/or having come into OA during that age range. You can find Young People’s special focus meetings by following instructions below:

  • go to Find a Meeting 
  • select a type of meeting (face-to-face, online, telephone, or non-real-time)
  • click on “additional search options” and select the desired special focus.
  • You are welcome at ANY OA meeting!

Young People’s Retreat: Entire Psychic Change

This twelve-hour retreat was held on March 6,  2021, and focused on topics relevant to young people (YP) in OA. Below is a link to the recordings of the March 6,  2021 retreat.

Hosted by: Metrowest Intergroup, Arizona Serenity in the Desert Intergroup, Foothill Intergroup

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