Your contribution to MetroWest Intergroup goes to carry the message to compulsive overeaters.

Your contribution strengthens OA

Your contribution to MetroWest Intergroup goes to carry the message to compulsive overeaters.

It supports events like workshops and retreats, this website, and reaching out to the still-suffering compulsive eater.

Groups and individuals donate to Intergroup as a way of practicing Tradition Seven, which states that we are full self-supporting through our own contributions. Every contribution to MetroWest will be divided as follows:

  • 60% is retained by MWI
  • 30% will be sent to OA World Service Office
  • 10% will be sent to Region 6

Ways to contribute

You can contribute to Metrowest Intergroup in 2 ways: 

Option 1: Mail check or money order to:

Metrowest Intergroup, PO Box 600
Needham Heights, MA 02494

If the contribution is on behalf of an entire group, or if it is a personal donation and you would like to reference the meeting(s) you attend, please include the day, time and town of the meeting(s) or the group number on your check.

Option 2: Donate below using PayPal or credit card.   (You don’t need a PayPal account). We are PayPal verified.

7th Tradition at Work

Make a Donation

After reserving funds for rent, literature, and a prudent reserve, groups are invited to donate to OA. Please make checks payable Metrowest Intergroup, and mail them to:

MetroWest Intergroup
PO Box 600
Needham Heights, MA 02494

MWI reserves 60 percent for itself and distributes 30 percent to World Service and 10 percent to Region 6.

Individuals can may also contribute to directly to OA World Service by going to For information on making an automatic recurring contribution (ARC), please see the ARC Frequently Asked Questions.


Funding Application for Group Events

To encourage OA groups to conceive and host events for members, Metrowest Intergroup underwrites support for them. Follow the link below for more information.


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