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If you’re feeling hopeless, alone, or ashamed about your body or your eating, we can relate. But we are also recovering and it is our joy to share the solution that is working for us and countless others. Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous Metrowest Intergroup. We are here to help you get started.

Newcomer Meeting Sampler

Newcomers Welcome In Person
Sunday 5:45 pm EST
IN PERSON: All Saints Church 1773 Beacon St. Corner Beacon St & Dean Rd. Brookline, MA 02445

Central Mass Weekly Newcomers’ Zoom Meeting
Every Wednesday, 6:30 pm, EST
Speaker, Q&A, post-meeting “parking lot” time
Meeting ID  863 6372 6514  Passcode 159434
Email brucep.oa@charter.net for more information

Speaker Meeting (with time for newcomers’ questions)
Thursday, 7:00 pm EST
Zoom Meeting Link: ZOOM link
Password: 020793

Cornwall (speaker, then members share)
Saturday, 10-11:30 am EST
Zoom Meeting Link: ZOOM Link
Meeting ID: 878 2019 2157
Password: 246810

Cherry Hill NJ Big Book Step Study
Sunday, 10-11:30 am EST
Zoom Meeting Link: ZOOM link
Password: bigbook164

Central Ontario Intergroup’s Newcomer Big Book Speaker Meeting
Sundays 7:15 pm EST
Meeting ID: 571 680 7989
Password: 545069

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Go to oa.org and click “Find a meeting” (at the top right corner of every page).

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  • Click “Find a meeting”

Men's Newcomer Meeting

For newcomers or men returning from relapse. When: Second Tuesday of every month, 6:30 pm EST

Zoom Meeting number • 883-8724-8307
Pass code • 242-990-669

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We are based in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, and extend our heart and our hand to anyone seeking help.

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