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Are you a Physician, Psychotherapist or another member of the Professional Community who treats those with compulsive eating disorders including overeating, bulimia, and anorexia? Overeaters Anonymous may be a complement to the treatment or advice you offer. OA is modeled after the 12th Step Program of Recovery developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and has provided support and recovery resources for over 50 years.

OA World Service Organization (WSO) publishes the Professional Community Courier Newsletter to address your questions and concerns about how OA works. This website and the WSO website at provide much additional information and resources about the OA 12 Step Program and all of OA’s Tools of Recovery.

Health Professional Outreach Update

Read what happened when three MWI members gave a seminar to 10 internal-medicine providers at a Boston clinic on the potential value of OA to their patients. Hint: The docs said they’re willing to learn more, and to offer it to their patients!

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